Martin Kennedy, DVM, DACVAA

Veterinary Anesthesiologist in Anesthesia & analgesia

“I really like all the people I work with. I’m fortunate to have an outstanding team of technicians, they are all skilled and make my job very easy. Same with the surgeons and other doctors I work with on a daily basis. They are all outstanding doctors and it makes my life a lot easier as an anesthesiologist when I can trust them and I know they are going to trust me and let me know if there are any issues that I need to worry about. I never have any doubt that everybody always wants to do whats best for the patient, which makes my job much easier when we all have the same goal I mind.”

“Out of all the different hospitals I’ve worked at or visited, MedVet definitely has the most collegial atmosphere and the best sense of team work or being a team of any I’ve worked at. I think people are always keeping the patient as their top priority and there isn’t a better job out there than the one I have here, for doing what I do.”

Becca Bishop

Service Team Leader in Internal Medicine

“There are a lot of great opportunities here for advancement. I personally am in tech school and MedVet is helping with my education. It’s a huge bonus for me that the company cares about continuing education and making me a better employee. The benefits are nice and we get a very generous amount of paid time off. The benefits package is really nice here. And the company is really standing behind me in my education.”

“I really enjoy working with my team. I work with Dr. DellaRipa every day. Organizing his day is really fun. I like to educate clients on complicated disease processes. I love to be involved in procedures like endoscopies, placements feeding tubes and teaching owners about using feeding tubes.”

Andrea Hofmeyer

Scheduling & Referral Coordinator in Client Services

“You should come to MedVet. The environment is positive, upbeat, and friendly. Everyone cares about the patient’s and client’s well-being and it’s a great place to be because of the energy.”

“Everyone knows my family and my interests and cares about me and what’s going on outside of MedVet, not just at MedVet. They really care about me as a person.”