Allie Robles, RVT

Clinical Manager in Ophthalmology, Rehabilitation, Integrative Medicine

“All of the teamwork and collaboration between every department and service in the hospital, it really does feel like a family environment, on a large scale. I enjoy working with the finest minds in veterinary medicine.”

“We really are leading specialty healthcare and the opportunity for growth that MedVet provides is overwhelming and amazing. When I came to MedVet I didn’t expect to have the kind of growth that I have been able to accomplish while working at MedVet. All the support and guidance I have received through my years, have led me to growth professionally that I never imagined.”

Amanda Townsend

Animal Aide in Rehabilitation

“The bonds you make with the patients, specifically the ones recovering from a trauma or major surgery, you see 3-4 times per week for months at a time and you really get to know them and connect with the owners and celebrating the pets’ victories, is really rewarding.”

“It is a lot of work, I wouldn’t go in to it lightheartedly, but if you have a real interest or dedication in veterinary medicine, this is the place to be.”

Marc Myers, VMD

Specialty Resident in Internal Medicine

“MedVet is a very welcoming place for clients to come. There’s a great sense of kindness and compassion I feel from almost everyone. I feel that it’s a place you can feel confident your pet is going to get the best possible care and best possible experience in an otherwise scary situation for people.”

“If you want to work in a place that has a really intense & varied case load that will expose you to a really broad range of disease processes and client communication scenarios then this is a place where you will have that and also be challenged to work efficiently and quickly but you will have tremendous resources at your disposal both in terms of other specialists, technicians, staff and technology.”