Here are some steps you can take to help minimize the impact of allergens on your pet.


To minimize your pet’s exposure to pollens and help them keep their dog allergies in check, keep your grass cut short. Keep your pet indoors dawn and dusk when the pollen count is high and while mowing the grass. Use the air conditioner as much as possible. Rinse or wipe off your dog with water when coming in from outside.


To decrease your pet’s exposure to molds, try and prevent access to damp areas of a home and yard such as basements, crawl spaces, under decking, under bushes, and mulch. Use a dehumidifier. Clean and disinfect humidifiers. Keep houseplants to a minimum. Don’t feed dusty dog foods. Avoid barns.

Dust Mites

To minimize exposure to dust mites, try and keep your pet out of rooms with carpeting and rugs. Use dust mite covers on dog beds. If your dog sleeps in your bed, use dust mite covers on your mattress and pillows. Wash bedding that your pet lays on in hot water, once weekly. Try and keep your dog off of stuffed furniture. Avoid stuffed toys. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner on humid days.