Interventional Radiology (IR) has become the go-to therapeutic modality in recent years for a large array of clinical problems that historically required more invasive and debilitating surgical procedures. Successful IR requires the close cooperation of multiple specialty fields. Detailed diagnostic information is often necessary to allow the primary consulting specialist to know which IR team members will need to be engaged in the treatment of a given patient and condition.

We have recently restructured our IR practice to emphasize the team approach, officially blending multiple specialties to facilitate fluid collaboration between services in the effective delivery of IR medicine. Board certified specialists in internal medicine, radiology, surgery, and cardiology form the nucleus of the MedVet IR Department. Dr. Thaibinh Nguyenba, an interventional cardiologist who has long been involved in developing minimally invasive techniques and devices, has assumed the role of IR Department Head. This new IR Department encourages our doctors to work together to efficiently obtain the most accurate diagnosis and then deliver the ideal IR treatment. The IR Department also gives each team member ready access to the most advanced equipment, diagnostic techniques, treatment procedures, and cross-discipline expertise available in veterinary medicine.

“Teamwork and collaboration are MedVet trademarks and what often distinguishes MedVet from our competitors,” says Chief Medical Officer Eric Schertel. “Employing this team approach in IR will provide our clients and referring veterinarians with great value and the best of outcomes for the patients we treat. This is always where the rubber meets the road for our clients and RDVMs.”

“MedVet is always evolving,” says newly appointed IR Department Head Dr. Thaibinh Nguyenba. “The emphasis on IR is a good example of our effort to stay on the cutting edge – in the care we provide to patients and in how we’re organized to deliver service to clients. By centralizing our IR capability, we further our commitment to the bond between our referring partners and their clients, ensuring that all goals are met.”

With technology and case management processes all in place, MedVet will continue to build upon our IR offerings, including expansion of this service to Cincinnati with the upcoming build-out of that practice.