MedVet’s Student Shadow Program is designed to offer college students pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine an opportunity to gain further insight into the day to day responsibilities of an emergency veterinarian, specialty veterinarian, or veterinary technician.  Shadow opportunities vary by location.

Qualifications for Student Programs

  • Student must be enrolled in a program specific to veterinary medicine. For example, students of veterinary technician programs, pre-veterinary students, and students in veterinary school.

MedVet’s Student Shadow Program Details

  • Opportunities generally include a one eight hour shift per academic term.
  • Shift hours are flexible with emergency, nursing and critical care departments. Other specialty department hours are typically 9 am-5 pm.
  • Students interested in pursuing a veterinary medical degree are supervised by Veterinarians.
  • Students interested in pursuing a veterinary technician degree are supervised by Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs).

Student Shadow Opportunities

The MedVet Student Shadow Program provides opportunities for clinical observation supervised by clinical team members in a variety of specialties depending on your location. Experiences may include anesthesia & analgesia, avian & exotics, cardiology, critical care, dentistry & oral surgery, dermatology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, integrative medicine, neurology & neurosurgery, medical oncology, ophthalmology, radiation oncology, radiology, rehabilitation, and/or surgery.

Contact Us

For MedVet’s Student Shadow Program opportunities, apply through the following externship coordinators at the following locations organized by location in MedVet then WestVet:

NOTE: Please include a copy of your resume, dates of availability, and departments of interest with your email.




  • Silicon Valley: PENDING