Abby is a six year old Golden Retriever who was diagnosed with high grade lymphoma in May 2017. She and her family went through the 25-week CHOP protocol with Dr. Sarah Lyles at MedVet New Orleans and made it look easy! She’s happy, bouncy, and loves hanging out outside with her four-legged siblings. We are sad that we only get to see her monthly now while she is on maintenance chemotherapy, but we are so happy that she feels great.

When we first saw Iggie for leukemia at MedVet Mandeville (before our New Orleans clinic existed), he was very anemic and we did not think he would survive more than a couple of months.  He has now been seeing us for more than five years!  We were so happy to be able to see him closer to home in our New Orleans office when it opened in 2013.  He is always the sweetest boy, loves his treats, and has an extensive array of fashionable collars.  We can’t wait to see what fancy collar he will be wearing each visit.  We threw him a party with cake for his five-year anniversary this year, and he LOVED the cake.

Molly is a superstar! She was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma in January 2017 and began chemotherapy right away with Dr. Astrid Bigio Marcello. She completed the 25 week CHOP protocol with flying colors and looked great doing it. Now she is receiving a maintenance protocol and continues to do well. She loves running the neighborhood before coming in for her chemotherapy as well as all the treats and belly rubs she gets from “her girls” at MedVet New Orleans.

Ollie may be small but he puts up a big fight! He is currently being treated for lymphoma by Dr. Lisa Fulton at MedVet Columbus! We are so glad that we got to celebrate his tenth birthday with him!

This beautiful girl is Scarlett. She has completed her chemotherapy protocol at MedVet Columbus with Dr. Erin Malone. She received multi-agent LCHOP for multi-centric B-Cell Lymphoma. She loves attention (and the occasional cupcake!) She always puts a smile on the faces of the team at MedVet Columbus. Way to fight Scarlett!

Sonny is being treated by Dr. Jenny Schutte at MedVet Columbus for his Plasma Cell Tumor. He is a sweet boy who always makes our day brighter!