Pet owners and staff at veterinary practices may have questions about the potential threat of Ebola virus to pets, and about possible transmission. In order to help provide the most factual information, we have provided current information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Ohio Department of Health, and Ebola Fact Sheet regarding the Virus and Pets . We have included a short list of webpages from these reputable sources where information can be obtained, so that you can educate yourselves and check for updates as available information and guidance for pet owners changes. Feel free to share information to the links below to those requesting information regarding Ebola Virus.

Useful links:

Due to the recent developments regarding a nurse from Texas who has been diagnosed with Ebola and traveled to Ohio this past week, the Ohio Department of Health has issued Enhanced Ebola Quarantine Protocols.

We are also sharing with you an Ebola fact sheet prepared by the Ohio Department of Health.

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