Fund Finding Facts
A common fear among households with furry family members is facing an unexpected, and often expensive, health problem with their pet. More and more families are planning ahead with the purchase of pet insurance, but what about those who haven’t? It is not uncommon for families to face a devastating decision between financial hardship or the health of their beloved pet. Lack of funding for life saving care also affects those who provide the care. Nothing weighs more heavily on veterinarians than when a family’s financial situation prevents them from doing what they know and love best…saving lives…

Some of that is changing, however, and people are finding help, if they know where to look. As pets become more and more a part of the family dynamic, more and more organizations that offer assistance are being created to help when disaster strikes. Some pet owners have even taken up their own successful awareness and fundraising campaigns.

Most of these organizations provide monetary help through donations so, as you might imagine, the demand for financial assistance may exceed the available funds on a regular basis. Also, these groups try to assist as many as possible and families with more meager incomes are usually addressed first. Even so, if you are in need of help, a little persistence and savvy may pay off. We have witnessed miracles on more than one occasion when motivated families sought assistance to help pay for their pet’s medical care.

The has provided a comprehensive list of these philanthropic organizations. Because we see only sick and injured patients here, we highly recommend pet health insurance, but when that is lacking, don’t give up hope. Compassionate assistance may still be possible. Click on the links in this article; knowledge brings choice and choice can bring peace of mind.

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