WORTHINGTON, Ohio (August 12, 2021) – MedVet and Veterinary Eye Institute (VEI), both well-respected members of the Texas veterinary community, are pleased to announce they are now one. Beginning this month, VEI will join the MedVet family of hospitals as a single focus practice devoted to veterinary ophthalmology specialty care.

“We are pleased to stand alongside Veterinary Eye Institute as a leader in ophthalmology care,” said MedVet CEO Dr. Linda Lehmkuhl. “Together, we maintain our commitment to enhancing the lives of pets, their loving families, and our veterinary community. We also gain the ability to offer exciting new career opportunities for veterinary ophthalmologists while expanding access to specialty ophthalmology care.”

“With MedVet, we augment our ability to grow and maintain our veterinarian ownership, leadership, and commitment to a positive culture. We’re also supported in maintaining our commitment to providing a visually clear and comfortable place for pets in a kind, collaborative, and compassionate way,” said Dr. John Warren, founder and President of Veterinary Eye Institute. “I wasn’t sure such philosophical alignment was possible. It’s an amazing time to be leading VEI as part of MedVet.”

VEI remains open and available to provide specialty veterinary ophthalmology at their Dallas and Plano, TX locations. To learn more, visit  veterinaryeyeinstitute.com.


About MedVet:

MedVet is the leading veterinarian owned and led family of specialty and emergency hospitals dedicated to delivering exceptional care and a deeply supportive experience to pets and their loving families, referring veterinarians, and team members. For more than 30 years, MedVet’s empathetic, insightful, and driven team of expert caregivers has helped the organization grow to be the preferred choice for high quality, compassionate care, proudly serving more than 400,000 patients each year in communities throughout the United States. To learn more about MedVet and its mission of Leading Specialty Healthcare for Pets, visit medvet.com.


About Veterinary Eye Institute:

Veterinary Eye Institute (VEI) is dedicated to making the world a visually clear and comfortable place for pets in a kind, collaborative, and compassionate way. VEI, located in Dallas and Plano, TX, offers complete medical and surgical eye care for dogs, cats, horses, and many smaller exotic pets such as birds and rabbits. To learn more about VEI’s services and team, visit veterinaryeyeinstitute.com.



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