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Popular seasonal and news related topics include:


Easter Dangers

Tick Dangers and Prevention

How to Remove a Tick

Flea Dangers and Prevention

Prevention of Heat Stroke

How to Plant a Pet Safe Garden

Dangers of Mulch

Parvovirus in Dogs

Thunderstorm Phobia in Dogs

Exercising with your Dog

March – National Flood Safety Awareness Week

April – Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April – National Heartworm Awareness Month

April – Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month

April 11 – National Pet Day

April 17 – 23 – National Pet ID Week

April 26- National Kids & Pets Day

April 26 – Hairball Awareness Day

April 30 – National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

May – National Service Dog Eye Examination Month

May 1-7 – National Pet Week

May 14 – National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

May 15 – 21 – National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 20 – 26 – Poison Prevention Week

May 23 – National Puppy Day

May 23 – National Heat Awareness Week

May – Hurricane Preparedness Week


Heat Safety Tips

Deadly Heat Warning

What to do if you think your dog has Heatstroke

Lyme Disease in Dogs

June – Adopt a Cat Month

June 4 – Hug Your Cat Day

June 12 – World Pet Memorial Day

June- Cataract Awareness Month – Pets Get Cataracts too

June 24 – Take Your Dog to Work Day

July 4 – 4th of July Dangers

July 15 – Pet Fire Safety Prevention

August 15 – National Check the Chip Day

August 22 – Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

August 26 – National Dog Day

August 30 – Holistic Pet Day


Halloween Safety

Thanksgiving Dangers

Christmas Safety

Pet Obesity Awareness Month

September 11 – National Pet Memorial Day

September 28 – World Rabies Day

September – Animal Pain Awareness Month

September – National Disaster Preparedness Month

October – Veterinary Technicians Week is the third week in October

October – Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October 1 – 7 – National Walk Your Dog Week

October 29 – National Cat Day

October – Winter Weather Preparedness Week (varies by state)

November – National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November – Adopt a Senior Pet Month


Cold Dangers

What to do if you think your dog is frostbit

Holiday Plant Toxicities

Valentine’s Day Dangers including Chocolate Toxicity

December 2 – National Mutt Day

January is National Glaucoma Month. Pets get Glaucoma too.

January – Walk Your Pet Month

January 2 – National Pet Travel Safety Day

February is Pet Dental Health Month

February – American Heart Month – Pets Get Heart Disease too

February 23 – National Dog Biscuit Day


Protect Your Pet from Disaster

Disaster (general)



Wild Fire


Power Outage


First Aid Kit

All Year

Dog and Cat Bites

Cat Scratch Fever

First Aid for Pets

Understanding and Preventing Bloat in Dogs

Cancer Center Saves Pets

Radiation Therapy for Pets

Zoonosis – Diseases You Can Get from Your Pet

How to Identify Cancer in Your Pet