Notice of Recruitment Fraud

MedVet is aware that fraudulent recruitment efforts, and offers, are occurring. Recruitment fraud schemes are a nationwide issue. Know that MedVet will never ask for personal information by email or chat. Here are some best practices to keep yourself safe from recruitment fraud.


✔️ Verify it is a MedVet employee
MedVet recruiting is done by MedVet team members. Please make sure anyone reaching out to you has a LinkedIn profile and lists MedVet as their employer.

✔️Check the email domain and name
Closely review the name and associated email domain of the sender. Official MedVet recruitment emails will normally originate from Jobvite ( Official MedVet email domains include and

Be aware of fake email addresses such as or and watch for subtle changes to the URL intended to trick the eye. For example,,,,,, and

✔️ Be wary of rushed, chat-focused interviews
MedVet interviews are a multi-step process involving multiple points of contact. We do not conduct interviews by chat or email.

✔️ Instant job offers are too good to be true
MedVet does not extend job offers after one interview or extend offers through social media.

✔️ Requests to pre-pay for equipment are a red flag

MedVet never requires our team members to purchase equipment.

✔️ Personal information requests are a red flag
MedVet does not request personal information such as your identification, social security number, bank account information, or birth date early in the process. All personal information is requested through encrypted systems after you are hired.


If you have received questionable communication about a job at MedVet, do not click any links, respond to the individual, or provide any personal information. If you have questions, you can contact us by emailing