This young dog was brought to the emergency clinic by animal control and a local pit bull rescue organization took over his care.


As you can see in his initial photos below, he had a dermatology problem! Lesions that were present included alopecia (hair loss), erythema (red skin), comedones (black heads), lichenification (thickened skin). He was mildly itching. After dermatologic examination, Dr. Pinchbeck performed some in-office routine diagnostic tests (skin surface cytology and deep skin scraping) and made the diagnosis of juvenile onset generalized demodex with a secondary bacterial folliculitis (skin infection).


Antibiotics, bathing in an antibacterial shampoo one to three times a week, and a prescription flea and tick preventative clinically shown to be effective in the treatment of demodectic mange (Nexgard®) was prescribed. As you can see, in one month, he was doing great. There was marked improvement in the skin lesions and a lot of hair regrowth. Dr. Pinchbeck confirmed that the bacterial skin infection had resolved and that all mites were dead and gone. He should continue to do well with continued care that will involve improving his nutrition and continued bathing. Nexgard® will be continued monthly to decrease the likelihood of recurrence of demodectic mange.


Before treatment

After treatment