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Reptile & Amphibian Emergencies presented by  Nicholas Jew, DVM.

This presentation is meant to provide an overview of the most common reptile & amphibian urgent and emergent illnesses. An important factor to the “emergency” nature of these illnesses is that the owner perceives them to be urgent. Often the clinical signs of illness are subtle or overlooked by owners, and these illnesses have been present for days to weeks to months prior to their presentation. Despite their chronic nature of these illnesses, the owner perception combined with the potential critical instability of the patient necessitates a more emergent approach to care. While beyond the scope of this lecture, it’s critical to provide and counsel owners on appropriate, science-based husbandry recommendations. Without proper husbandry, the prognosis for recovery is significantly worsened with reptiles & amphibians.

Pet Bird Emergencies: Recognition and Stabilization of Common Disorders presented by Barbara Oglesbee, DVM, DABVP

Birds are prey species and therefore will instinctively hide illness. As a result, those with chronic disorders often present as an emergency once all reserves are exhausted. We will discuss recognition of chronic vs. acute emergent disorders such as trauma and reproductive emergencies, along with stabilization and management of owner expectations of the most common disorders.


Sunday, October 3rd, 2021


6:00 - 8:00 pm EDT

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This event is pending RACE approval for 2.0 hours of CE credit.


Barbara Oglesbee, DVM, DABVP, Nicholas Jew, DVM


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