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MedVet is a proud sponsor of the Foundations of both the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. These Foundations are devoted to the advancement of internal medicine (including cardiology, neurology and oncology) and surgery through funding of educational and research opportunities for residents and board certified veterinary specialists. Specialists have long depended on the generosity of private donors and sponsors to support their research because clinical studies in veterinary medicine are significantly under funded. These research and clinical studies have led to great advancements in the treatment of companion animals, as well as contributing to the advancement of human medical care. The Foundations also assist in communicating medical breakthroughs by publishing clinical studies, assisting in textbook development, and sponsoring continuing education events. In addition to research, the foundations also support high quality residency programs ensuring future specialists receive the absolute best training. By sponsoring these two foundations, MedVet continues to be a leader in advancing companion animal care in keeping with our mission, “Leading Specialty Healthcare for Pets.”

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