At our hospital we take our work, but not ourselves, very seriously. We are constantly striving to provide top-notch care to every single patient that walks through our door, and that’s something that will not change with the coming new year. There is, however, some truth to the “All work and no play…” credo so some of the staff wanted to have some fun with our New Year’s resolutions. Here they are for you to enjoy!

Our New Year's Resolutions

Ray Schmitt, Public Relations/Marketing Executive – I resolve to do whatever it takes to get Dr. Lemmons to stop calling me Bigfoot. Since most of the time I’m either at meetings or working on projects at my desk, a day or two can go by without Dr. Lemmons and I seeing each other. As a result he has dubbed me with the same moniker as the mythical creature that roams the woods, but is never really seen by anyone. If I can keep my resolution he’ll be calling me “Shadow” by this time next year!

Rachel Kulaga, Client Services Administrator – I resolve to not walk as hard in my heels when I’m upstairs. People on the first floor sometimes worry that I’m going to stomp a hole in the ceiling.

Dru Arnold, Director of Human Resources and Accounting – Rachel and I both resolve to eat much more Japanese food in 2015! With any luck in the next year the wait staff at our favorite Japanese restaurant in town will know us both by name. And probably won’t even have to give us menus to order from.

The Entire Business Office Staff – We resolve to keep the plants in the front lobby alive. It might be a good thing we’re not the ones in charge of keeping the animals in the back alive.

Jamie Riddle, Registered Veterinary Technician – I resolve to invent shoes with lifts in them that are also comfortable. This way all the shorties that I work with can reach the high items in the hospital and stop asking me for help all the time. It’s not easy being the tallest person in this whole hospital (except for maybe Dr. Birchard).

From all of us at MedVet Indianapolis, Happy New Year! We hope that 2015 brings you nothing but happiness and joy. And good luck with your resolutions, too.

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