MedVet recognizes that pets are an important part of your family. We strive to provide the most advanced emergency, medical and surgical care while showing the utmost compassion for you and your pet.

What is specialty healthcare for pets?


Coming to MedVet 

MedVet works very much like a human hospital. We offer state-of-the-art emergency, critical and specialty care to cats and dogs. Most of our emergency department is open 24 hours each day for emergencies. If your pet is facing an emergency situation, you may come directly to our hospital – no referral is needed.

Just like us, pets may need a specialist. Your veterinarian may send you to MedVet, if your pet has medical needs that require a doctor with training and board-certification in a specific area of medicine or surgery. At MedVet, we are proud to offer a variety of specialties to meet the needs of your pet. Our veterinary specialists can be consulted through the emergency department or scheduled directly with an appointment.

Working with Your Veterinarian 

We encourage you to work through your family veterinarian where we can utilize their history and tests to optimize your pet’s care and minimize the expense of unnecessary repeated tests or procedures. Work with your veterinarian to copy, fax, or email any records about your pet to your closest location.

How to See a Specialist

Pet owners can access our specialists through referrals from their own veterinarians, through our emergency team’s recommendations, or directly through MedVet. MedVet’s board-certified specialists provide care that is custom-tailored to your individual pet’s health needs. Our specialists have extensive post-graduate training in their fields and regularly participate in ongoing education to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and treatments.

What to Expect at Your Specialty Visit

MedVet’s specialty teams are committed to providing the best, most appropriate care for your pet in partnership with your family veterinarian.

  • Plan to spend 1 to 2 hours at your pet’s first appointment.
  • Bring any medical records or test results from your primary veterinarian.
  • If your pet is on any medication, please bring it with you.
  • If you have been provided a history form, please complete and bring it with you to your visit.
  • A technician will talk with you about your pet’s background and condition to obtain a detailed medical history.
  • Your MedVet specialist will examine your pet and review the medical history, including information and test results from your primary veterinarian.
  • One of our MedVet specialists will talk with you about your pet’s condition and suggest the appropriate course of diagnostic testing, medical therapy and follow-up.
  • You and your primary veterinarian will receive a discharge summary detailing the clinical findings, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  • For additional information about the details of your appointment, please call us and we will answer your questions.

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