Critical care means critical expertise

Veterinary Critical Care, like its counterpart in human medicine, is a specialized service for severely ill or injured patients requiring round-the-clock monitoring, a dedicated nursing staff, and doctors with training and experience focused on treating the most compromised pets.

MedVet’s critical care team is equipped with the best monitoring and treatment technology available. Equally important, our critical care specialists have immediate access to colleagues in other specialties such as cardiology, neurology/neurosurgery, and internal medicine. Patients treated by MedVet critical care will benefit from these integrated and collaborative resources whether their condition requires a short visit to the emergency service or several days in the intensive care unit.

Patients that may be treated by our critical care team include those with:

  • traumatic injuries from car collisions
  • bite wounds
  • burns or smoke inhalation
  • difficulty breathing
  • blood loss or severe anemia
  • difficulty urinating
  • special nutritional support needs
  • abnormal heart rhythms
  • toxicities
  • life-threatening neurologic disease such as seizures
  • complications from underlying diseases