The Dentistry & Oral Surgery department at MedVet offers specialty dentistry and oral surgery services for dogs and cats.

Disease and injuries of the teeth and oral cavity can seriously affect your pet’s quality of life and overall health. These diseases and injuries are not limited to your pet’s teeth and can include oral tumors, jaw fractures and palatal defects (such as cleft palates).  Although your pet may not show obvious symptoms of dental or oral disease, it affects them just the same as it does us. The symptoms of dental disease are usually subtle such as disinterest in toys, dropping food, or just decreased activity. The pain they are feeling, however, can be excruciating.

Your family veterinarian is there to provide preventative oral treatments for your pet. Advanced care, however, is sometimes required, and if that happens, our training and experience offer optimum choices for treatments. Using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, our board-certified specialists and expert team offer a variety of services.