It takes a team to see things differently

Innovative therapies in veterinary medicine may provide alternatives to traditional surgery for your pet. The Interventional Radiology department at MedVet uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced medical techniques to ensure each patient receives the most thorough, yet minimally invasive care available.

Interventional radiology utilizes advanced imaging tools, such as fluoroscopy (video x-ray), CT, MRI, and ultrasound, to image or visualize many areas of your pet’s body for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons without the need for surgery. Conventional surgeries can be replaced with less invasive procedures that reduce recovery time and patient discomfort.  A variety of medical problems, including tracheal collapse and cardiac conditions, can now be treated without the need for invasive surgical procedures. When surgery is necessary, interventional radiology can still work as a complementary diagnostic tool to improve your pet’s treatment.

Comprised of board-certified specialists in internal medicine, radiology, surgery and cardiology, our Interventional Radiology team works collaboratively to provide the best outcomes for patients. Our doctors utilize state of the art equipment to ensure optimal care for your pet.